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At Agapé Christian Ministries we believe in equipping believers with the tools necessary to apply biblical principles to their lives. The Agapé Life Institute offers classes each Spring semster and Fall semester that are designed to give you the tools to grow in your Christian walk.


If you’re ready to connect with other believers and increase your knowledge of the Word, then find a class and register today.

New Agapé Partners Class

This class is structured and designed to give new partners an overview of their new church family. The intent is to expose our new partners to some foundational information about how Agapé Christian Ministries functions, the structure & organization of this ministry and to answer the questions that our new partners may have. By the end of this class session hopefully partners will gain new information, insight, and a better understanding of their new church home. This class also provides a setting for new partners to meet others who have joined the church around the same time. For this reason, we invite North and South partners to attend the class together so that partners from both campuses connect early in their partnership.

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Spiritual Growth

This course is approximately 15-weeks in duration. It is designed for believers at every stage of growth in their walk with God. “The Agape Culture” segment will acquaint students with Agapé history and answer some of the questions that they may have about their church.  A goal of this class is to provide a setting for students to learn about “self” and about God, who is our Father. We believe that, “The word of God or the Bible is our source of faith and rule of conduct”, quoted from Bishop L. A. Wilkerson. Each person’s salvation is personal yet God desires to use him or her to win others to Jesus Christ. Growing spiritually is an individual responsibility and this course will provide some tools that help students to mature in the ways of God. This course is also a prerequisite for serving in ministry at Agapé Christian Ministries.  Register HERE.              

The Agapé Class

This 10-week course is based on Bishop L. A. Wilkerson’s first book titled, What’s Agapé Got To Do With It. Agapé Christian Ministries is founded upon the revelation of God’s unconditional love for the people who are and will be called “the children of God”. Therefore, it is imperative that each partner of this ministry gain an understanding of how to operate in this level of love. The “God-kind of love” or “Agapé” is foreign to the innate abilities of humans and must be learned. This course will help students learn about God’s love and it will teach them how to walk it out every day. The course is offered twice a year in spring (January) and fall (late August).   *PREREQUISITE: Spiritual Growth.  

 Perfecting Class

This class is multi-dimensional yet focused in its design and scope.  The topics covered range from a few basic principles to others that delve a little deeper into God's Word for the purpose of effective application of the Bible in your daily life. Whenever possible, both parts (I & II) of this course will be offered at the same time during the Fall and Spring semesters to make it easy to take it in series.  Each part (I or II) of Perfecting Class is scheduled to run for approximately 15-17 weeks each to equal a total commitment of 30-34 weeks if taken in direct series or sequence. The course may be taken in series (Part I then Part II) or out of sequence (Part II before Part I). However, both sections must be completed in order to receive full credit for completing the course. The prerequisites for enrollment in the Perfecting Class include completing Spiritual Growth Class and The Agape Class. It is also recommended that you take this class in series as Perfecting Part I followed by Perfecting Part II, especially when both are being offered in sequence. This course will challenge you but it will also change your life positively if you make the commitment to study the Scriptures like the Berean church did in Acts 17:11.

Financial Matters

Financial Matters is a 10-week course designed to communicate a foundational basis for understaning effective money management and the proper use of money.  God has a financial system and He gives us power to get wealth. This course will explain the biblical view of money, practical steps to take in financial planning, and how to get out of debt.  If your financial situation is currently challenged, then this class is a "life-line". It is not to late, and there is hope for your financial state to improve. The book used in this course is called "God's Plans For Your Finances" by Dwight Nichols. Here's an excerpt from the book, "You can move from debt to financial freedom, live a successful life, and make a positive contribution to society while spreading the Gospel. Start today to walk in God's supernatural provision and change the course of your life". If you are ready for a financial transformation or "make-over"; sign up today.  Register HERE              

Leadership 101

This is a 12- week course based upon Bishop L.A. Wilkerson’s book titled, “The Making of A Leader”. It is designed to help you to discover or to develop the "leader" that is resident within so that God can use your gifts and talents for His purposes. Leadership is a desired role that most humans aspire to operate in but many assume that leadership is about being served. On the contrary, leadership is about serving others; in fact the real qualification for leadership is servitude. Leadership requires that you inspire, motivate and direct people to become what they would not volunteer to become on their own. Prerequisites for this course include: Spiritual Growth, The Agape Class and Perfecting Class.

Leadership 102

Leadership 102 is the next level of training in the Leadership series of courses. This course is designed to help leaders become intimately knowledgeable about the focal point of leadership: people. People are the currency or essence of relationships and successful leadership is founded upon successful relationships with people. In this course, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses related to “people skills”. The intent is to equip and train new leaders as well as those who need to sharpen their skills as leaders.  Leadership requires that you inspire, motivate and direct people to become what they would not volunteer to become on their own. In order to accomplish this, you must learn how to successfully deal with people. Required textbook: Be A People Person: Effective Leadership through Effective Relationships by John C. Maxwell. Prerequisites for this course include: Spiritual Growth, The Agapé Class and Perfecting Class.

Introduction to Bible Doctrine

An unnecessary contradiction may exist between your knowledge of God and the Bible and your daily Christian experience. We invite you to narrow the gap between what you know about God and your experience with Him. Introduction to Bible Doctrine is a course designed to reacquaint some and introduce others to the Bible as well as the God of the Bible. This course is introductory and returns you to some foundational information that you may or may not know. The "world of technology" has perhaps robbed believers in some way of an actual experience with the physical pages of the Bible. In this course we take you back to a few of the basics. While the course information is introductory, the pace and overall content will challenge you in a way that will make you ask, Am I really prepared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? General prerequisites for this course include completion of the following courses:
1. Spiritual Growth
2. The Agape Class
3. Perfecting Class (Part 1 & 2)

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