Financial Matters

Financial Matters is a 10-week course designed to communicate a foundational basis for understaning effective money management and the proper use of money.  God has a financial system and He gives us power to get wealth. This course will explain the biblical view of money, practical steps to take in financial planning, and how to get out of debt.  If your financial situation is currently challenged, then this class is a "life-line". It is not to late, and there is hope for your financial state to improve. The book used in this course is called "God's Plans For Your Finances" by Dwight Nichols. Here's an excerpt from the book, "You can move from debt to financial freedom, live a successful life, and make a positive contribution to society while spreading the Gospel. Start today to walk in God's supernatural provision and change the course of your life". If you are ready for a financial transformation or "make-over"; sign up today.                     

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