Introduction to Bible Doctrine

An unnecessary contradiction may exist between your knowledge of God and the Bible and your daily Christian experience. We invite you to narrow the gap between what you know about God and your experience with Him. Introduction to Bible Doctrine is a course designed to reacquaint some and introduce others to the Bible as well as the God of the Bible. This course is introductory and returns you to foundational information that you may or may not know. The "world of technology" has perhaps robbed believers in some way of an actual experience with the physical pages of the Bible. In this course we take you back to a few of the basics. While the course information is introductory, the pace and overall content will challenge you in a way that will make you ask, Am I really prepared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Course textbook is "The Bare Bones Bible Handbook" by Jim George; must be purchased separately. General prerequisites for this course include completion of the following courses:
1. Spiritual Growth
2. The Agapé Class
3. Perfecting Class (Part 1 & 2)

This class will be open for registration for Fall 2017 in late July.  Most Fall 2017 classes will begin on August 30, 2017. Click the registration link to register; the cost is $20.