Leadership Class 101

This is a 10 week course designed to help you discover or to develop the "leader" that is resident within so that God can use your gifts and talents for His purposes. Leadership is a desired role that most humans aspire to operate in but many assume that leadership is about being served. On the contrary, leadership is about serving others, in fact the real qualification for leadership is servitude. Leadership requires that you inspire, motivate and direct people to become what they would not volunteer to become on their own. This course is usually offered during the Fall semester (August-November).

Prerequisites for this course include:

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. The Agapé Class
  3. Perfecting Class (Pt 1 & Pt 2)

Required textbook: "The Making of A Leader" by Bishop L.A. Wilkerson (available for purchase through Adult Christian Education at Agapé)

Fall 2017 registration will open in late July 2017. Most classes begin on August 30, 2017. Click the link to register for this course; cost is $30 (book is not included).