Perfecting Class

This class is multi-dimensional yet focused in its design and scope.  The topics covered range from a few basic principles to others that delve a little deeper into God's Word for the purpose of effective application of the Bible in your daily life. Whenever possible, both parts (I & II) of this course will be offered at the same time during the Fall and Spring semesters to make available to take it in sequence. Each part (I or II) of Perfecting Class is scheduled to run for approximately 15-17 weeks each to equal a total commitment of 30-34 weeks if taken in sequence. The course may also be taken out sequence (Part II before Part I). However, both parts must be completed in order to receive a certificate of completion in the course. The prerequisites for enrollment include: completing Spiritual Growth Class and The Agapé Class. It is also recommended that you take Perfecting Class in series as Part I followed by Perfecting Part II.

See the Course List that is released in the Spring (late January) and the Fall (late August) to determine when each part of Perfecting Class is being offered. Click the link to register for Part 1 or Part 2; cost is $30 for each part of the class (all course materials are included).