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Have you been driving home thinking about something at church and said, “I wonder if anyone thought of this” or “If they were to do this, that would really make a difference.” Maybe, you’ve said “I wish I could tell the Pastors how this really blessed me: or “How this person really makes a difference" or "They need to start doing this." Well, here’s your chance!

Agape’s desire is to honor the Lord with “Excellence in all we do” and we are always looking for better ways to serve God’s people and make an impact, but we need your help to do it! We aspire to maintain a high level of quality through careful planning, inspection, corrective actions, and continued improvements.  Five star customer service is our goal.

You can help us. Share your comments or concerns by clicking on the specific area below.  If you have more than one area of comment, please submit an additional form for each area.

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